4 Things To Remember For An Epic DIY Car Wash

Nothing is more satisfying for a gear-head than a DIY car wash and detailing a car at home. While there are people who prefer the convenience of a car wash, many of us prefer cleaning and detailing our cars painstakingly by hand to get that perfect finish. As fun as it is to maintain your car, it can get a bit overwhelming for people who are new to vehicle detailing. Therefore, to make life easier, we have put together a list of 4 things to remember for an Epic DIY…

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When To Replace Your Tires, And How To Do It Properly

man changing a car tire

You will eventually need to replace your tires. It’s a fact of car ownership. As the tread wears on your tires, so will its grip and performance.  This affects all aspects of driving including acceleration, steering, and braking.  Effects Of Bad Tires Effects of worn tires may not be immediately evident at first, but wait too long and they’ll make themselves known in a hurry.  Your car will be slower to accelerate and slower to stop. Less grip goes both ways.  The tread on your tires is meant to create…

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Ultimate Guide To Making Money With Your Car

making money with your car

Being a car enthusiast is great, but it costs you money. Guess what though? You can reverse the situation pretty easily and have it make money for you instead. What if you could have your car pay for its repairs, upgrades, monthly payments, or even insurance? If you’ve got access to a reliable vehicle thats fairly modern, you can start making money with your car right now! If you’ve got the time and the hustle you can make hundreds of extra bucks. You can raise some spare cash, use it…

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Best Time Of The Year To Buy A Used Car

person writing on white paper

What’s the absolute best time of the year to buy a used car? The answer isn’t as simple as a season or a month, but pretty easy to understand. A little industry knowledge on value, life cycles, and insider practices can help you narrow that purchase time to an exact moment. First, a major requisite for applying the information in this article is buying from a dealer. Private seller buying is much more nuanced and the techniques here wont apply. So for this article I’ll be talking about dealership only…

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How To Live The Van Life: The Express Guide

You’re ready to take the plunge but you need a guide on how to live the van life? Maybe you just stumbled upon this new phenomenon and want to learn more. This is the place for all of that. What is Van Life? Basically it’s the idea of converting your vehicle, usually a van because its the most practical, into your home. It has all the necessities of your house in one neat to go package on wheels. Imagine your home sweet home, and home away from home all in…

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How To Change The Serpentine Belt On Your Toyota V6

For a while now on my daily driver (2007 Toyota Camry) I’ve had this terrible squeaking noise. It’s the kind of noise that drives you crazy and makes you hate driving it. Some days it would go away and other days it would come back with a vengeance, so I knew it was the belt. I figured out that my engine, the V6 2GFRE, has an easily changeable serpentine belt. It’s a fairly simple task so I decided to do it myself and knock out the noise once and for…

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What Not To Do When Buying A Car

So you’ve decided its time to get a new car. Its a fun time but also one that can be stressful. Buying a car isn’t the easiest process and lots of little things tend to get in the way. The problem when making a big decision like buying a car is people easily overlook details. Rather than telling you what you should do I’m going to make it easy, here’s a list of just two things not to do when purchasing a car. Why two? I feel people remember things…

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How To Fix Anything On Your Car Yourself- Mostly

So you want to know how to fix anything on your car yourself eh? If you’re anything like me you like to wrench on your car when you get the chance; whether its to save money, experiment, or just maybe the problem doesn’t seem big enough to warrant a visit to an actual mechanic, as was the case with my most recent wrenching experience. The Problem So its march, and it’s been pretty cold lately. My daily driver (2007 Toyota Camry) had develop a weird noise coming from the steering…

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Learn To Do Your Own Car Maintenance Right Now.

Maintenance, the age old question. Well maybe, not really, but for me it’s a question that comes to mind when any sort of service is required on one of my vehicles. Reasoning The DIYer in me wants to tackle every and all aspects of maintenance. Even Upgrading on my cars because I feel like it’s a necessary part of ownership. I feel it’s required of any self claiming auto enthusiast. Another reason, is because I am really particular with details. I don’t trust most mechanics will take the same amount…

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