What’s The Best Mod For Your Car?

There are a lot of different mods out there. Wheels, wraps, suspension, power upgrades, the list is endless. What’s THE best mod for your car you ask? The mod I have in mind makes every car more functional and livable.

It’s the Android Radio. No its not an app, but the physical radio. If your car is a bit older and didn’t come with a touch screen, or has one that is just plain obsolete because of aging tech, this will give your car new life.

They even have them for modern cars that come with infotainment systems because they are they are usually much better than what the manufacturers come up with.

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The features on the radios are basically all the same with different models having new or slightly older versions of software. Almost all allow reverse and auxiliary camera plugins, internet connectivity, Bluetooth, plus endless amounts of music and video options.

They are mostly all vehicle specific so majority of the installation is plug and play. The best thing is once its installed there’s no learning curve because it’s basically a smartphone in your car.

Which brings me to the main reason these android radios are so useful. It’s because they allow for Android Auto and Apple Carplay connectivity. Most require an accessory dongle (sold separately, usually $50), making for seamless integration with basically your entire life. Also since Android Auto and Carplay run on your phone, every time you upgrade your phone your radio gets upgraded along with it. Sweet bonus.

So get one now, you can thank me for it later. Feel free to share some of your best mod ideas.

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